Adopting Tucker

Dream Dog Awakening
By Susan Maltais, August 2012
Border Collie

Recently while waiting for my endodontist appointment, I picked up a copy of BARK magazine.  Thumbing through it, I spotted the Border Collie pictured with your story ("Waking Up From My Dream Dog" - Bark Jun/Aug 12).  So, I began to read it being the Border Collie person that I am.  Well, I couldn't believe what I was reading.  It was as if I had written it!  You were talking about my Tucker.  We rescued him at 8 months old.  He had been abused as a small puppy and had been through at least two foster homes.  I failed to mention that we adopted him because we lost our beloved 14 year old BC Abby 3 months earlier and couldn't get past the grief.  It just felt right taking in this poor little guy that given such a difficult puppyhood.

We had Tuck for a couple of months when, as you put it, the Cujo came out.  It seems that once he became comfortable with his new surroundings and owners, he completely changed.  We have worked with a couple of trainers and looked for any assistance we could find.  We also at one point considered sending him back to the rescue, but just couldn't do that to him, and ourselves.  He has no tolerance for other dogs (even though he lived with them in his foster homes), children, trucks and strangers until he gets to know them.  Well, like yourself, we have adjusted our lives to him.   He is the sweetest, loving, playful little guy with us but still has those issues that we continue to work on.

I still can't believe that I am writing this to you, but I felt such a strong bond with you after reading the story that I felt I had need to thank you for letting me know that we aren't the only BC parents out there with this issue.

Please give Ainsley a scratch behind the ears from us!

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