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Adorable Pitbull Enjoys Bath Time in TikTok Video

By The Bark Editors, January 2021, Updated June 2021

Doggy bath time has never been a favorite in our household. Even though our dogs are well-behaved and love the water, getting them into the tub, soaped and scrubbed is, at best, barely tolerable for all those involved. I’ve always thought this was the way it had to be, one of those laborious rituals good dog owners did periodically, like trimming your dog’s nails and cleaning ears. I feel bad for the dogs too, they dislike it so much.

Then I saw this TikTok clip of Darren, an adorable Pit Bull who loves his bath time. As his Australian dog-mom narrates their spa ritual, I watched how this sweet dog relishes his “wash up”—a gentle soaping and warm-water rinse, some fresh fruit snacks, and a thorough fluff dry with a soft towel. Darren is clearly adored throughout, and responds in kind with a mellow calm, ending the clip lying on his back, wrapped in a towel, loving his life.

I’m not sure our dogs will enjoy future bath times in quite the same way … but it gives us something to aspire to!

I later discovered that Darren is one of the namesakes of “Darren and Phillip,” a fashion brand for dogs based in Melbourne. Australia. The company’s digital and social media presence suggest that they are active in raising money for dog rescues “around the world.” They do produce some sweet-looking dog apparel if that’s your cup of tea.

original sound - Darren and Phillip

Photo: Darren and Phillip