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Art & Music

In the ultimate artistic multitasking, dog is best friend, subject and muse.

Pepito licking his new friend's tears
How this charming mini-opera about finding the right dog came to be.
Cicely Tyson in Sounder
An indelible role in the 1972 movie of hardship and the human-canine bond
Young Girl and Dog
An internet challenge gets creative with common objects and pets
Edvard Munch Self-portrait in Bergen, 1916 (left); Head of a Dog, 1942 (right) Oil on canvas (Bergen) and wood panel (Dog)
A new book delves into centuries of art showcasing our first and oldest friends.
Photographs that defy gravity … and expectations
Femme Au Chien, Pablo Picasso (1962)
As does a painting of a French Poodle by Gustave Caillebotte
Photo © Museum Associates/LACMA
Guardians, companions, zodiac animal—canines are a constant in Japanese culture.
It appears in opera exhibition in New York
Photographer Christian Vieler’s unexpected images of dog delight
© Estate of Robert Arneson / Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY
Masterful artist self-portraits with canine muses.
On the nature and care of 14th-century dogs.
James Tissot: Young Lady in a Boat
Celebrating the elegant life … with dogs.