Bark Dog Miles: Product Picks

By Daniela Lopez, February 2020, Updated June 2021

Miles goes on a run every evening and we need to keep a phone and keys easily accessible. For that I use the Buddy Pouch, which is a quick, snap-on, magnetic pouch. It gets us out the door quicker for our runs which Miles loves. The Snap Leash is super comfy to walk with and Miles thinks he looks great in the bright colors too. 

I found that Miles loves the Bumi Zogoflex by West Paw and it is hands down still his favorite toy. He is absolutely crazy for this awesome toy—super strong and so bouncy, which makes for loads of fun! Another one of Miles' favorites is the Floppy Knots Fox by Kong, not only does it squeak, but it contains an internal rope band which he loves to shake around. Plus no stuffing means no mess and that doesn't bother Miles one bit. 

Daniela Lopez is a digital media specialist and long-time contributor to The Bark.