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Bark Likes This: 10 Charming Dog Pins for Dog Lovers

By Daniela Lopez, February 2019, Updated June 2021

Enamel pins are back! The popularity of these adorable charms is surging and they are everywhere. Add a dog theme and the cute factor multiples 100%. Enamel pins come in two types, soft and hard enamel. Soft enamel pins offer more color and design flexibility but hard enamel pins make up in the durability department. Keep that in mind when shopping around for the pins. Where can these enamel pins be worn? Anywhere. Put them on your lapel, poop bag holder, purse, jacket, or even on a leash (consider placement carefully). So, now that you've got the basics down, show off your love of all things dog with these ten incredibly adorable pins.

Photo © Bright Bat Design

1. Are you in the Good Boy Appreciation Club?
This hard enamel bestseller encourages us to remind pups that they are good dogs.

Photo © Lili Chin


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2. Assorted Ice Cream Pup pins
Over at Doggie Drawings, artist Lili Chin, loves all the dogs and has an iconic doggy design.

Photo © The Found

3. Sweet bowtie Chihuahua dog pin
In addition to dog-themed greeting cards The Found offers this soft enamel pin.

Photo © Death By Tea

4. Spread the love and do some good
With each pin sold, a donation is made to the charity Wild at Heart Foundation, who work to reduce the stray dog population.

Photo © Little Pin Co

5. Be a Professional Dog Petter
Add this to your résumé and get the recognition that you deserve.

Photo © BrownPaperFox

6. Pet Parent Badge
Let the world know your adoption status with this soft enamel pin.

Photo © DogDogGoose

7. Adorable Dalmatian enamel pin
Dog lovers agree this Dalmatian inspired soft enamel pin can't be beat.

Photo © Baltic Club

8. All you need is (dog) love
This hard enamel pin will keep all dogs close to your heart.

Photo © Four Letter Word Cards

9. Enjoy this Husky sweetness
A beautiful hard enamel pin design featuring a Husky with a crown of flowers.

Photo © Unicorn Rock Rock

10. A simple reminder
We would love to pet all dogs but use this pin as a reminder to ask before petting!

Daniela Lopez is a digital media specialist and long-time contributor to The Bark.