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Bark Likes This: Cozy Cama Mid-Century Dog Bed

By Daniela Lopez, October 2018, Updated June 2021
Pictured: Dog on elegant and beautiful wooden dog bed frame
Elegant and beautiful wooden dog bed frame for dogs of all sizes by Cozy Cama

Upgrade your dog's digs with this amazingly modern pet bed by Cozy Cama. This minimalist dog bed uses non-toxic finishes and sources all their hardwoods from the USA. Each dog bed is hand-built and as such is one of a kind.

In addition to a commitment to sustainability, Cozy Cama commits to giving, with each purchase a donation is made to a needy child through the non-profit Sweet Sleep.

Fits standard human pillows. Available in three finishes and three sizes. 

Daniela Lopez is a digital media specialist and long-time contributor to The Bark.