30 Best Dog-Friendly Companies

Compiled from Bark’s Best Places to Work
By The Bark Editors, October 2013, Updated October 2021

The following businesses understand the value of working in the company of dogs— whether it’s writing code, blowing glass, or saving the environment … work is just better with a dog by your side.

More companies are now going remote, giving employees more time at home with their pup. But being able to bring one’s dog to work in the office is still a bonafide perk—right up there with great health benefits and a gourmet lunchroom.

We’ve gathered the most comprehensive list of dog-friendly workplaces in America. These companies have developed dog-friendly policies that work for both people and pets and offer bonuses like treats, doggy daycare, grooming, and pet insurance.

We salute these 30 companies for working and playing hard and valuing a belly rub and as much as a balance sheet.


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Company: Advent Software 
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA 
Business type: Software 
Number of employees: 1141 
Dog-friendly notable: The company hosts dog-related event and "holistic health" classes for their pet owners. 

Company: Airbnb 
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA 
Business type: Vacation Rental Platform
Number of employees: 5,500 
Dog-friendly notable: Dogs are given their own employee badges to scan, and in-office treats too.

Company: Amazon 
Headquarters: Seattle, WA 
Business type: Online Retailer 
Number of employees: 88,500 
Dog-friendly notable: Dogs must remain on a leash unless it is behind a baby gate or in an office with a closed door. 

Company: Autodesk 
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA 
Business type: Software 
Number of employees: 7000 
Dog-friendly notable: Autodesk offers pet insurance as a benefit, and dog ID tags. 

Company: Ben & Jerry's  
Headquarters: South Burlington, VT 
Business type: Ice Cream Manufacturer 
Number of employees: 110 
Dog-friendly notable: Approximately 110 human employees and roughly 15 to 20 dogs 

Company: BISSELL Homecare, Inc. 
Headquarters: Grand Rapids, MI 
Business type: Floor Care Products Manufacturer 
Number of employees: 2000 
Dog-friendly notable: Pet Spot, is their pet-friendly facility featuring work stations, conference area, indoor kennels, dog bathing station and play area. 

Company: Bitly
Headquaters: New York, NY
Business type: Advertising/Marketing
Number of employees: 65

Company: Build-A-Bear-Workshop 
Headquarters: St. Louis, MO 
Business type: Toy Manufacturer 
Number of employees: 4,250 
Dog-friendly notable: Featured on Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For list. 

Company: Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners 
Headquarters: Sausalito, CA 
Business type: Advertising/Marketing 
Number of employees: 150 
Dog-friendly notable: Listed on Outside magazine's 50 Best Companies to Work, their day includes a daily group dog walk. 

Company: Clif Bar & Company 
Headquarters: Emeryville, CA 
Business type: Manufacturer of Food 
Number of employees: 350 
Dog-friendly notable: Large off-leash area, VPI pet insurance discount, unlimited paid time-off to volunteer for animal causes. Included on Outside's Best Places to Work list in 2010. 

Company: Dogster/SAY Media 
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA 
Business type: Entertainment 
Number of employees: 300 
Dog-friendly notable: Poop bags and treats aplenty. Brings together visiting children and dogs for added fun. 

Company: Etsy 
Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY 
Business type: Online Retailer 
Number of employees: 200 
Dog-friendly notable: Since its start in 2005, the craft marketplace site Etsy has been a dog friendly office. 

Company: Google 
Headquarters: Mountain View. CA 
Business type: Web Search Engine 
Number of employees: 20,000+ (Mountain View)  

Company: Healthwise 
Headquarters: Boise, ID 
Business type: Health Information Provider 
Number of employees: 210 
Dog-friendly notable: Dogs have played a part in its culture from the first day, thanks to Healthwise’s dog-loving CEO, Don Kemper, who currently shares his office with a Bulldog mix named Tuba 

Company: Hydro Flask
Headquaters: Bend, OR
Business type: Manufacturer
Number of employees: 34

Company: Jones Soda 
Headquarters: Seattle, WA 
Business type: Manufacturer of Soda 
Number of employees: 20 

Company: Justia 
Headquarters: Mountain View, CA 
Business type: Legal Portal / Online Services 
Number of employees: 80 
Dog-friendly notable: Dogs roam free, attend meetings, go on walks, offered treats and special birthday celebration. 

Company: Kinship
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Business type: Pet Health
Number of employees: 200 

Company: Mashable 
Headquarters: New York, NY
Business type: Media
Number of employees: 200 

Company: Momofuku Milk Bar 
Headquarters: New York City, NY 
Business type: Bakery 
Number of employees: 89 
Dog-friendly notable: Daily dog walks with employees, plus occasional baked treat extraordinaire.  milkbarstore.com

Company: Now What
Headquaters: New York, NY
Business type: Strategy/Research
Number of employees: 30

Company: Palantir Technologies
Headquaters: Palo Alto, CA
Business type: Software Company
Number of employees: 750

Company: Radio Systems Corporation
Headquaters: Knoxville, TN
Business type: Manufacturer
Number of employees: 627

Company: Replacements, Ltd. 
Headquarters: Greensboro, NC 
Business type: Retail 
Number of employees: 450 

Company: RSA FILMS 
Headquarters: West Hollywood, CA 
Business type: Production Company 
Number of employees: 50 
Dog-friendly notable: Treats plus mobile dog grooming service visits once every three weeks. 

Company: Salesforce
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA 
Business type: Software Company 
Number of employees: 56,600
Dog-friendly notable: Provides, free treats, dog beds and a dedicated dog-friendly floor

Company: SoundCloud
Headquaters: San Francisco, CA
Business type: Music Service
Number of employees: 18

Company: StackMob, Inc. 
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA 
Business type: Technology 
Number of employees: 28 
Dog-friendly notable: Provides free doggie daycare, belly rubs, treats. 

Company: The Nerdery 
Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN 
Business type: Interactive Design 
Number of employees: 450 
Dog-friendly notable: Weekly "dog frolics unleashed in the Nerditorium." 

Company: Tito's Handmade Vodka 
Headquarters: Austin, TX 
Business type: Winery/Distillery/Brewery 
Number of employees: 60 
Dog-friendly notable: Web launch to fundraise for national low cost spay neuter called "Vodkafordogpeople.com" 

Company: Zynga 
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA 
Business type: Gaming 
Number of employees: 1757 
Dog-friendly notable: The company pays a portion of pet insurance, offers a rooftop play area and hosts a professional photo-shoot on annual Puppy Love day.  

Tips for Developing Dog-Friendly Policy

If your company is considering instituting a dog-friendly policy or looking to tweak its existing program, take note …

  • Interview: Require an interview of the pet parent and dog before allowing the privilege.
  • Use a Trial Period: A 2-week or 1-month probationary period will help see if the dog works well in an office environment.
  • ID Badges: Require dogs to wear work ID badges, photo and all—including dog’s name, office location, owner’s name, and telephone.
  • Stay Together: New dogs should never be left by themselves or permitted to wander.
  • Address Behavior: Any issues of aggression or even high alertness (ie. barking when somebody enters a room) should be addressed immediately.
  • Stick to the Rules: Abiding by rules is essential to rolling out a dog-friendly office program. Pet parents need to understand that having a dog-friendly office is a privilege and not a right.

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