Beyond the Dog Door

We want your pet-savvy home improvement advice
By Lisa Wogan, June 2010, Updated February 2015

What's your best dog-friendly housekeeping tip? Share it for a chance to win prizes and be included in our story.

UPDATE: Thanks for your tips added below, sent in via email, and posted on Facebook. Look for your the wisdom of Bark readers and editors in our September issue. A winner has been selected and notified.


When my husband and I renovated our house—we replaced our solid wood front door with a glass door. We made the change because here in Seattle you will do pretty much anything to capture daylight—or what passes for daylight in these parts. But our new door proved a brilliant stroke for our dogs, especially Lulu. She lounges in the entrance and watches the world—lots of walkers and dogs, squirrels, crows and blue jays—go by. The only minor downside is the persistent cloud of nose prints on the glass.

We have other friends who were more proactive in accommodating their dogs—installing viewing holes in a fence, adding on mudrooms, or setting up outdoor cleaning stations. They chose distressed leather for dog-friendly couches, installed natural, anti-bacterial Marmoleum floors, elevated dog bowls, and replaced all chemical cleaners with natural options such as vinegar. And more.
We figure this sort of creative canine-centered housekeeping is everyday stuff for Bark readers, and we want to learn from you. From renovation ideas and quick fixes to your favorite housecleaning products and tools (tell me, is the Roomba as great as it sounds?). We want to know—and share with others—your advice.
Maybe you learned something was great for dogs by accident (as we did with our front door) or applied research and deliberate brainstorming to solve your canine-roommate challenges (or should we say, opportunities?). Post a comment below or send us an email, and you could be an important part of our dog-smart home story in the next issue of Bark.
Plus, everyone providing suggestions will be entered in a drawing for some cool Bark prizes.



Lisa Wogan lives in Seattle and is the author of several books including Dog Park Wisdom.