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Tips for devising a summer road trip with your pup.
dog history
Dog DNA examined to learn about movement and patterns of ancient dogs.
autistic person and dog friendship
Dogs meet people where they are, not where others think they should be
Detection dog in search of scat.
Noninvasive Scat Sampling Could Strengthen Reptile Conservation
mistrust of veterinarians among dog owners
When it comes to veterinary care, barriers to access, including a lack of trust play a big role.
Jack Russell Terrier drawing from 2000, and Paul Atzmiller at his drawing table.
Artist turns hobby into fundraiser for shelters and rescues
Stay safe and courteous when sharing your next trip with your pup.
dog love
Dog love runs both ways
choosing dog daycare
Eight questions to ask before leaving your precious pup with strangers.
cure for dog cancer
FidoCure provides vets, pets and their people with an option to chemotherapy and radiation.
Pay careful attention to the way the breeder approaches the pups' crucial first weeks
keep old dog healthy
Keep senior dogs busy with these quick tips on training, stimulation, and companionship.
Pet Poison Helpline Highlights Case During National Service Dog Month
prostate cancer detection dogs
Man’s best friend could help save him from prostate cancer.