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dog history
Dog DNA examined to learn about movement and patterns of ancient dogs.
Dr. Jill Biden and the Bidens' Dogs, Champ and Major
Biden Dog: From Animal Shelter to First Family
joe biden adopts dog from rescue
Major officially joins the Biden family.
Dog rescued from under a car.
A good sign for the times
denver pitbull law
Voters approve a measure that provides a “pathway” for lawful registration
dog training informs robot training
Positive reinforcement teaches robot to learn faster.
Vice-President Biden with his dog Champ
Political commercial for Biden highlights why dogs matter
Canine Companions for Independence puppies / Duke
What kind of puppy problem-solving behavior predicts assistance dog success?
Uveitis in dogs - eye inflammation treatment
Natural remedy may prove to be a key for managing symptoms without side effects.
Dogs could be an important sentinel species for the long-term health effects of environmental chemicals, research shows.
Research shows tags may be used as early warning system for human health.
keep old dog healthy
Keep senior dogs busy with these quick tips on training, stimulation, and companionship.