Bounce Pet partners with North Shore Animal League America to Encourage Adoptions

Plus: How to Control Dog Shedding
By Abbey Jones, October 2020
burbank animal shelter

Throughout October, Bounce Pet is sponsoring adoptions at participating North Shore Animal League America shelter partners nationwide, covering up to a total of $25,000 of adoption fees as part of their “Bounce Home with Your Adopted Pet” program. As many as 500 approved adopters will receive $50 off their adoption fee as well as a full-size sample of Bounce Pet Hair and Lint Guard Mega Dryer Sheets.

Bounce is a proud sponsor of North Shore Animal League America, helping save more homeless animals by encouraging adoptions and providing financial support for animal rescue. For every adoption, two lives are saved—the one going home to a family and the one who can now be saved, replacing the adopted pet at the shelter.

“When it comes to pets and clothes, shed is one of the biggest challenges for pet owners,” said Shivani Kanneganti, NA Fabric Care Senior Brand Director. “We are excited to partner with North Shore Animal League America, the world’s largest no-kill rescue and adoption organization, to break down that barrier by providing a real shedding solution that works for pet owners and their clothes.”

Americans have been using Bounce Dryer Sheets to reduce static and bring freshness and softness to laundry since 1972. Now, the staple laundry room brand is launching a new product specifically designed for pet owners. Bounce Pet Hair and Lint Guard Mega Dryer Sheets repel pet hair from clothes so pet owners can love their pet without wearing fur on their clothing. Bounce Pet Hair and Lint Guard Mega Dryer Sheets have extra-strength ingredients to fight hair and lint, giving pet owners even more reasons to cuddle their furry friends.


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“I love my new dog, and since discovering Bounce Pet Hair and Lint Guard, I don’t worry about shed on my clothes,” beamed Amy, recent dog adopter and new Bounce Pet devotee.

For pet owners seeking to reduce shed, here are some tips from our team at The Bark:

1. Brush your pet daily. Most dogs and cats shed to some degree year-round, and giving them an assist can reduce the volume.

2. Use good tools. Well-made brushes with natural bristles and mitts or gloves that function as brushes are among the options. Some brushes are designed to work best on long-haired or double coats, others on slick coats; choose the one that’s right for your pet.

3. Shedding tools help, particularly with dogs whose coats are long or thick. While there are different kinds, most look like a brush with closely spaced, stainless-steel tines or a blade with serrated teeth. They work by removing the loose undercoat.

4. Feed a nutritious diet and make sure your dog always has access to fresh, clean water. A complete and balanced diet includes the vitamins and nutrients your dog needs to maintain a healthy coat.

5. Bathe your dog regularly. Bathing not only cleans your dog’s coat, it also helps remove loose hair. Deshedding shampoos and conditioners that contain omega fatty acids can also help promote healthier, stronger hair follicles.

6. To prevent your pets from getting their fur all over your furniture, provide them with attractive alternatives—a cozy bed, for example.

Follow these tips and add Bounce Pet Hair and Lint Guard Mega Dryer Sheets to your shopping list and it’s unlikely that you’ll need to swap out your wardrobe or invest in furniture coverings. While a smidgen of pet fur is a badge of pride for most pet parents, Bounce Pet can help control it. The human-animal bond brings joy to both species and Bounce Pet is pleased to help bring people and pets together.

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