Calorie Counting for Your Dog Matters

By The Bark, August 2017, Updated October 2018

Know how many calories (kcals) your dog consumes daily. Check out our easy-to-use calculator on (Don’t forget to figure in the calories from their treats too.)

Here are the kcals for some ingredients often used in home-cooked foods:

1 large egg = 70

1 oz. skinless, boneless chicken breast = 31

1 oz. chicken liver = 32 1 oz. (average for most) veggies = 10


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1 oz. brown rice (cooked) = 35 1 oz. lentils (cooked) = 32

1 oz. sweet potatoes = 24

1 tbsp. olive oil = 120

Plus, see our site for recipes that will help you feed your dog delicious, nutritious low-cost meals: