Can Your Home be Beautiful and Dog-Friendly?

By Jason Brubaker, June 2015, Updated September 2019

We love talking about our dogs, showing off what they can do and introducing them to all of our friends. But that doesn't mean we want traces of them all over our homes. From slipping and scratching to chewing and slobbering, our furry friends can wreak havoc on our furniture, walls, throw pillows and accent pieces. So, many dog owners sacrifice form for function when it comes to design and decor. And the biggest sacrifice? Gorgeous floors.

Hardwoods are ruling design trends in residential, corporate, retail and restaurant settings. From the reclaimed craftsman look to clean and classic, hardwood flooring lays a foundation that any design can build on. When decorating a house that’s full of four-legged friends, you no longer have to choose between the design-driven look you want and letting your pets run wild and free.

Here are four things to look for when selecting a hardwood floor that is both beautiful and fido-friendly.

A design to fit your style.


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Hardwood flooring comes in most any color, stain and plank variety a homeowner can dream of designing around these days. Distressed, wide planks can offer a rustic feel or traditional oak provides a subdued touch for a modern, traditional or formal setting. Selecting a stain and style that matches the look you are going for is easiest when you can choose from a variety of woods and stains. Hardwoof Flooring, a new pet-friendly hardwood flooring line, offers that variety with the natural warmth, beauty and sound of real wood in 12 styles on Maple, Hickory or Ash.

Wood that meets your durability needs.

Different types of wood have varying degrees of hardness but the beauty of engineered hardwood flooring, especially one that is engineered with acrylic infusion, is that no matter which wood is used, it is guaranteed to be stronger than natural wood. Hardwoof’s signature acrylic-infusion technology makes it 300 percent more durable. Because the stain is infused into the wear layer, the color will sustain high-traffic — whether it’s two- or four-legged.

A finish that stands up to paws, claws, skids and bone chewing.

The most important factor when it comes to a quality hardwood flooring lasting beneath your dogs’ gymnastics, sliding, eating and clomping is scratch resistance. Traditional hardwood floors need refinishing every five years, and that’s expedited with the wear and tear from dogs. Hardwoof’s new dog-friendly finish features unsurpassed dent and scratch resistance, and it guarantees a 50-year finish and lifetime structural warranty.

Certifications that Ensure Health

Words like sustainability and green are thrown around casually by organizations in every industry. When it comes to the health of your family, don’t settle for anything less than flooring that has third-party certifications of its safety and compliance with health codes. Hardwoof is a low-emitting material that is FloorScore certified. The marine-grade, Baltic birch plywood platform is CARB phase 2 compliant, and the laminating glue contains no added formaldehyde.

You can get rid of the paws-off policy on your beautiful hardwoods.

Jason Brubaker is vice president of sales and marketing for Nydree Flooring, a premiere manufacturer of acrylic-infused engineered wood flooring for commercial, retail, multifamily, entertainment and now pet-friendly spaces through Hardwoof.