Health Care
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Caring for Your Senior Dog's Health


The subject of cancer is as scary in pets as it is in humans, but fortunately, there have been significant advances in cancer treatment for our canine companions. Like us, our dogs can benefit from better imaging, such as MRIs and CT scans, and advanced treatment options, which include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Ultimately, the key to fighting cancer is early detection. Monitor your furry companion carefully.

Getting old is a normal and inevitable part of life. Though we cannot stop aging, we can take measures to ensure that our dogs’ senior years are truly their “Golden Years.”




Ruth McPete, DVM, works in private practice and at an animal shelter in San Diego. She is also a board member of Friends of County Anumal Shelters (FOCAS). She does a regular pet segment for San Diego's NBC affiliate, KNSD.

Illustration by: E. Ryder Sutton

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