Cover Dog: Lola

Jan/Feb 2009
By The Bark Editors, January 2009, Updated June 2021

Cover Dog Lola: Nature Lover, Little Sister, Crosscountry runner, Funny Girl and Bark’s newest co-pilot.

I discovered our new dog Lola via When I saw her photo, I was instantly besotted. I had only a few criteria in mind for a new dog: She should not look like our dog who had recently passed away (our dearest Nellie), be good with cats, have no “issues” with old dog Lenny (meaning she would have to accept his bossiness and his proprietorial ’tude towards me), be good in an office setting, and be generally sweet and biddable. And there she was, with her Lucille Ball head of liverish/blondish fur; long, floppy ears; and forelock curls going every which way (the casual windswept ’do many of us would want for ourselves).

I thought she was an adorable mutt, but in fact, this amber-eyed beguiler turns out to be a German Wirehaired Pointer, a breed not often seen in urban areas. She and her brother, Jack, were found in a rural foothills area in California, a pair of runaways eventually found by rescuer Julie Duarte in a local “shelter.” Lola is now part of our Bark team, and certainly part of our family. She has already opened many doors for us, especially in the area of trying to understand how training can modify genetic drives—she definitely has that “drive” in fifth gear most of the time. So, frankly, before the Amanda Jones photo session, I was a little concerned, I simply didn’t know if she would sit still in front of a camera, much less in a studio filled with bright lights and other distractions. But as I watched the photo session develop, my fears were quickly dispelled. It turned out to be an interspecies pas de deux—within minutes, Amanda had created an uncanny connection with Lola, and the two of them worked in sync; it was truly fascinating and inspiring to watch. 

Article first appeared in The Bark, Issue 52: Jan/Feb 2009

Photographs by Amanda Jones © 2008