Cover Dogs: Flower, Candice, Ladybug and Edgar


When our dear friend Julie wrote saying she was fostering four young puppies, we knew exactly who our cover dogs would be for Bark’s upcoming Spring cover. Who can resist a gaggle of puppies? Julie specializes in rescuing and rehoming German Shorthair Pointers, but when a friend dropped off four 6-week old mixed puppies, she could not refuse their charms and committed to finding them all good homes. For now, the “Fab Four” as we dubbed them, make their home in northern California, on 6 acres sharing the country air with 8 other rescues, horses and a herd of goats. We called upon one of our favorite photographers, Emily Nathan, to photograph our visit—and capture a delightful afternoon of puppy life. Puppy life is simple, featuring lots of play, cuddles, snacks and naps in favorite places like the tall grass and under the shade of giant oak trees. The small of Emily’s back was another favorite napping spot. The pups stole our hearts, and as you’ll see in this clip they are not about to give them back!

By the way, the runt of the litter has been adopted, but her siblings are still looking for their forever homes.