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Daily Dog Tips From DogTown
Improve the relationship between you and your dog!
Dog Tips from Dogtown

The Best Friends Animal Society is the nation’s largest no-kill sanctuary, and its remarkable trainers have turned around dogs that others have given up on, helping them live more fulfilling lives and find their forever homes. These trainers build strong, trusting relationships with the dogs through positive reinforcement strategies in training and exercise, strategies you can learn by reading their new book Dog Tips from DogTown.

For the next two weeks, Bark readers get a special sneak peak into the book. From learning what to do when you meet a new dog to teaching your own dog how to sit, remember to check back everyday to get your daily dog tip from DogTown!


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Tip 1: So you are thinking about getting a dog...


Tip 2: Greetings and Salutations! Meeting a new dog.


Tip 3: Because dogs don't wear mood rings. Reading dog moods.


Tip 4: Preparing for your first days with puppy.


Tip 5: People Are From Mars, Dogs Are From Jupiter. Communication.


Tip 6: More cookies please! Rewards


Tip 7: Training basics. Sit


Tip 8: Training basics. Down


Tip 9: Training basics. Come


Tip 10: Training basics. Wait


Tip 11: If dog A leaves Chicago traveling 15 MPH... Problem Solving


Tip 12: Not on the brand new carpet! Housetraining


Tip 13: Because dogs don't play basketball. Jumping correction


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