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A Glimpse of Your Dog’s Past and Future

The Future of Dogs: Mixed Breeds
By Chloe Conrad, May 2018, Updated August 2021
Future Dog 100% one of a kind.

Recent studies show that mixed-breed dogs represent a little over half of all dogs who share our homes in the U.S. This number far outpaces any other single breed, thus it’s fair to say that the mixed-breed dog is America’s most popular canine pet and is the future of dogs. Guardians of mixed-breed dogs have long had to hypothesize their dog’s ancestry, but today can rely on science to unfold a dog’s genetic profile.

Fortunately, dog guardians can utilize DNA testing products that are easy to use, affordable and quite reliable with their results. The WISDOM PANELTM canine DNA test—the leading canine genetics company since 1999—requires two simple swabs taken from your dog’s mouth that you send in by mail, with a typical two- to three-week wait for the results. Genetic testing offers scientific analysis of your dog’s DNA—providing not only the various breeds found in a dog’s ancestry but also the valuable screening for more than 150+ disease-causing mutations. This important information can help you work with your veterinarian to make a plan for your dog’s unique health and breed needs.

WISDOM PANEL canine DNA tests feature the largest breed database of over 250 breeds, types and varieties represented in more than 15,000 purebred samples. Their test examines your dog’s DNA at 1800+ points (markers) and sends the data to a computer that evaluates them using an advanced algorithm and more than 17MM calculations. The algorithm uses information from their extensive sample database to analyze your dog’s potential family trees going back three generations.


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What can genetic mapping offer you? First, WISDOM PANEL canine DNA tests are extremely accurate and scientifically based. Guessing a dog’s ancestry based on the animal’s appearance and behavioral tendencies may be fun but visual identification, even by professionals, is only accurate about 25% of the time. Most significantly, knowing the health risks that may be revealed in your dog’s DNA can help guide your dog’s care. Breed ancestry can also offer clues to behavior tendencies and contribute to shaping your training efforts.

In addition to all of this practical knowledge based on the scientific analysis of your pooch’s genetics, it’s simply fun to learn your best friend’s ancestry. “Oh, that’s where those floppy ears come from … and the brindled coat!” Genetic testing can be a way to better understand who your dog is—in a general sense, where they came from, and perhaps, what lies ahead. It’s not a perfect window into their past or future, but a DNA test can reveal a host of invaluable and interesting information.

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Chloe Conrad is a freelance writer and editor in the San Francisco Bay Area.