Dog Culture

Left to Right: Aurelio Conterno, Birba (dog) in THE TRUFFLE HUNTERS
New documentary is a portrait of human-dog partnership.
Siberian wolf
A new study calls northeast Siberia the birthplace of dogs.
Cicely Tyson in Sounder
An indelible role in the 1972 movie of hardship and the human-canine bond
From Wolves to Dogs
Did excess meat from Ice Age hunters help transform wolves to dogs?Mar
Barks the Sounds that Dogs Make
Understanding dog barks, more than just noise
Matt Mays Talking To The Sky
Alt-rocker Matt Mays’ new music video captures his dog’s longing
jill hedgecock and christopher locke
Writers discuss how they use their books to advocate for maligned breeds.
when dogs heal book
New book showcases dogs’ role in making the daily lives of people who are HIV+ better.