Dog Culture

Wilfred's Elijah Wood, Jason Gann, Fiona Gubelmann.
Q&A with the hit television show’s “girl-next-door”
Interview with the venerable New Yorker cartoonist
"The dogs bark but the carnival moves on." – Paul Begala
Ann Patchett, Elizabeth Gilbert, J.K. Rowling, Sue Monk Kidd
Bracketology: The Final Four
Bracketology: The Final Four of Everything charts out the top dog of all time!
Wall-mounted head: top, Greyhound;
British crafter Donya Coward’s beaded, lacey creations.
Charging Thunder, American Indian photograph from glass negative. ca. 1900
Classic portrait of Charging Thunder and his dog.
Saint Bernard current and past
Breeders, judges and historians talk about breed standards—why they work and when they don’t
Bill Traylor - Artist
An exhibit at the American Folk Art Museum.