Dog Culture

Michelle Obama & Bo Obama
First Lady Michelle Obama talks with us about two of her favorite subjects—healthy children and a happy dog.
A Bark Classic Favorite
Border Collie dog
Sometimes, what you get is better than what you wished for.
Vet students at U of Tennessee fundraise for the Josh Project
Taz and Danelle Ballengee
Adventure athlete has her dog to thank for her rescue after a near-fatal fall.
Illustration by Heather Horton
Looking for love—and a meal.
Part V: Springer Has Sprung
Part V: Springer Has Sprung
Kit's Corner Product Review - Dicky Bags, Board Shorts, and Poopy Packs.
Dicky Bag, Poopy Packs and Shortomatic Custom Board Shorts
A man in a dog suit? Funny? Really? Yes!
Charlie A stray joins The Bark
A stray joins The Bark’s family