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Dog Culture

Using artificial intelligence to translate from the canine
Meet the dogs that claimed their place in the history books for being the world’s first
Ten Fine Hounds (facing page) Hanging scrolls, ink and colors on paper 247.5 × 163.7 cm
Giuseppe Castiglione: 18th-century Jesuit’s journey to Chinese court painter
The Tenth Street Studio 1880 Oil on canvas, 36.25 x 48.25 in.
Modern master, Influential Teacher, Dog Lover
What can archeology tells us about the “connection” origins.
Becoming a dog owner helped me dispel internalized myths about black people and dogs.
Man posts Craigslist ad rehoming his girlfriend
Bracketology: The Final Four
Bracketology: The Final Four of Everything charts out the top dog of all time!
Saint Bernard current and past
Breeders, judges and historians talk about breed standards—why they work and when they don’t
New study reveals that our dogs are affected by how long we're gone.
first dogs
Village dogs’ genetic code may hold clues to canine evolution and health
The legendary comedian stands up for animals