Dog Culture

Which DNA test should you choose to settle the “what’s in the mix” question?
February 7, 2003–April 7, 2012
For Montana governor every day is “take your dog to work” day
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Lending a Hound a helping hand.
A bird in a paw
Saving robins, one fledgling at a time
Man & Dog Sleep - Illustration Phil Marden
Out of the doghouse, into pajamas.
Mixed-breed rescue dog Kasey plays Freeway in the new film, Darling Companion.
The creators of the new movie Darling Companion have an eye and ear for real-life drama.
Illustration by Heather Horton
The taming of a pugnacious pup.
do dogs see color?
Find out if dogs see in color or black and white.
The Science and Art of Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon
Reflections on the role of dogs in modern life
Q&A with the creators of the new series