Dog Culture

father's day movies
Bark’s list of best films featuring a dog
small scruffy dog
A small dog with an invaluable bag of tricks and a can-do attitude
why do dogs eat grass?
Does your dog graze like a miniature cow?
Georgian Street Dogs
Street dogs, stray dogs, dogs with no discernible appeal—I love them all.
Sweet Potato Salesdog - Shiba Inu
A popular Japanese street-food stand is “manned” by a dog.
Covid-19 and Pets
Keeping companion animals and their families safe
Edvard Munch Self-portrait in Bergen, 1916 (left); Head of a Dog, 1942 (right) Oil on canvas (Bergen) and wood panel (Dog)
A new book delves into centuries of art showcasing our first and oldest friends.
hiking with puppy
New visions on a mountain trail
Daily routines provide welcome relief at both ends of the leash.