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Dog Culture

Wes Anderson creates a skillful fusion of adventure and culture.
They form mental representations based on scent
Lateralization in brain response to human vocalizations
The potential to improve the welfare of older dogs
Using artificial intelligence to translate from the canine
Dog jumpers make for amusing photographs
Dog-styled chocolate is even cuter than a chocolate frog!
Photo by Mo Saito
Bark's Cover Dog: Winter 2017
Meet the dogs that claimed their place in the history books for being the world’s first
The late night host turns the laughs around on people
Ten Fine Hounds (facing page) Hanging scrolls, ink and colors on paper 247.5 × 163.7 cm
Giuseppe Castiglione: 18th-century Jesuit’s journey to Chinese court painter
when you are in between dogs
Dogs shape our lives, so what do we do when they’re gone?
Photograph by Traer Scott
A vacation in Mexico opens doors, and hearts, to a stray dog.