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Dog Finishes Seventh in Half Marathon.

Runners in an Alabama race were surprised at their canine participant.
By JoAnna Lou, February 2016, Updated June 2021
Runners in Alabama were starting the Elkmont Train Trek Half-Marathon when they were soon accompanied by a four legged participant. Ludivine, a two-year old Bloodhound, was outside for a bathroom break when she joined the runners at the start and followed the speedy participants to the finish line.

Not only did Ludivine, also known as Lu, complete the race, but she crossed the finish line seventh overall after about an hour and a half. The race organizers were so impressed that they awarded Lu a finishers medal.

April Hamlin was mortified at first to learn about Lu's adventure, worrying that she'd get in the way of the runners. But ultimately April was surprised to hear about her pup's athletic feat, saying she's "actually really lazy," but joked that Lu's debut had her inspired to be more active.

Although the race is officially 13.1 miles, racers that ran alongside Lu said that she ran even further, making her seventh place finish even more impressive. While the human participants stayed on the course, Lu greeted a dog sitting next to the road and visited a field with mules and cows.

Lu isn't the first dog to compete alongside humans to finish a half marathon. In 2011, Dozer, a three-year old Golden Doodle ran a half marathon in Maryland after escaping from his invisible fence. He finished in just over two hours, prompting Maryland Half Marathon co-founder Jon Sevel to promise he'd get Dozer his own bib number that said K9.

If Lu can turn around her lazy reputation, I think we can all find the inspiration to follow through on any fitness related New Year resolutions!

JoAnna Lou is a New York City-based researcher, writer and agility enthusiast.