Dog-Friendly Businesses

[Gallery] Businesses who celebrate "Take Your Dog to Work Day" everyday
By The Bark Editors, May 2009, Updated June 2021

[The Republic of Tea] Corbin - Minister of PAWsitive Thinking taking a break

[The Bark] Lenny on his daily tour of the office

[Athleta] Jiggs at Athleta during Halloween!

[Sur la Table] Luna at Work

[Mrs. Grossman's] Tara in the Art Department

[Mrs. Grossman's] Angus and Fans

[Dogster] Betsey and Simon

[Clif Bar] Left: Kim and Ginger Right: Dog asleep on the job

[Dogster] Luzz, Snuzz and Skeez

[The Republic of Tea] From left: Zoe - Minister of PAWsitive Greetings, Elvis, and Corbin

[The Republic of Tea] Elvis - Minister of PAWsitive Pups at work

[Athleta] The Athelta staff and their dogs

*[My Voice Studio] Tiger accompanies My Voice students

*[West Valley Comm Services] Morgan trying to help out, mainly checking the desk for food

*[Paws for a Cause] This is how Coco Chanel relaxes at work!

*[Rustic Crossroads] Ranger at work

*[Flywheel Design] Hey Kava, you should try smiling more often.

*[Flywheel Design] OK GREAT. Good one Dottie!

*[Flywheel Design] Mingus is hip to your jive.

[Replacements, LTD] Sam works in china inventory

[Replacements, LTD] Montauk and Madeline come to work with owner Carla Zarse

[Replacements, LTD] Charmin greets visitors at Replacements' reception desk

[The Bark] Honey Bear working hard at Bark Magazine

[Replacements, LTD] Alex helps Judy Sizemore with morning mail delivery

[Replacements, LTD] Bob Page gives dogs an afternoon snack

[Replacements, LTD] Foxy shares a desk with owner Teresa Blankenship

[The Bark] Ariel resting after a day of work

*[Multiview Benchmarking] Watching you work has worn me out!

[Shelburne Museum] Katy Kreiger gets a little desk help from Sam, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, a 10-week-old rescue

*[SPCA for Monterey County] Red enjoying a day at the office

[Village Green] Christine Eluskie and Chloe

[Village Green] Andrea Vasold and Oscar

[Village Green] Mike Palmer and Ellie

[Village Green] Dog Day 2008

[Village Green] Chloe at Work

*[Flywheel Design] We're pretty sure Asa is a wizard.

*[PartnerShip] Captain Gary is our Dad,he takes us to work with him all the time!

*[D. Chulak, LMFT] Louie is a co-therapist/therapy dog at his mom's private practice in Milford, CT

*[Folio Winemakers' Studio] Audie Makes Wine!

*[Tender Touch Animal Hosp.] Odessa's Job is Greeting New Puppies

*[Tender Touch Animal Hosp.] Odessa and Gorky Begging for Lunch

*[Davo Photographic] Washu at the Client Appreciation Halloween Party

*[University Animal Clinic] Darwin the receptionist is ready to help his clients

*[HP Home Office] Sara and Sadie Supervising

*[Veraz Networks] Bella at Work

*[Steven Handelman Studios] Honey Bear (the human is Andy)

*[] Sadie is modeling the new flotation vest from EzyDog.

*[Hofstra University] So now what, Riley? You're a Producer now too?

*[Living Ruff] Sapper hard at work!

Dog-Friendly businesses who celebrate "Take Your Dog to Work Day" everyday!

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Thumb Photo: [Athleta] Scooter at Athleta during Halloween
Photographs courtesy: Clif Bar & Company, Dogster Inc., Mrs. Grossman's, The Republic of Tea, Athleta, Replacements, LTD, Village Green, Shelburne Museum and Sur la Table.
* Photographs with an asterisk are user/reader submitted photos