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Dog-Friendly Travel Tips - West

If you are in the California Redwoods near Eureka, California, there is a beautiful hiking trail called The Headwaters. The walk is easy with lots of dogs. Beautiful ferns, oaks, redwoods and a stream for a doggie quick-dip. I haven't been there for a year since the death of my dog, he loved it. It was our place. I advise checking it out for beauty and tranquility. —Kathe Gruenthal


Don't forget Shoup Park in Los Altos, CA. Dogs must be on leash, but there is a great stream, Adobe Creek, to play in. There are picnic tables and a tot play area for pup's human brothers and sisters. —Sheryl Keller


We go to Beach Camp with our friends from dog training class in Cayucos Beach, California. Cayucos is an extremely dog friendly town. We stay at Cayucos Beach Inn, a dog friendly hotel for all size dogs (they even have a dog potty area and a doggy bath to clean off your salty, sandy dog). We take the dogs down to the beach where they are allowed to run off leash and play. Many of the restaurants in town are dog friendly as well. We look forward to the trip all year and have a blast while we are there. —Elisa Becker


The Grey Rock hiking trail, off Poudre Canyon in Colorado, offering great scrambly-up rocks, breath-taking views for humans, and wonderful new smells (everything from deer and elk to rabbits!) to entertain the enquiring nose! — Kris Paige


My own back yard! I live an hour out of Las Vegas, in 'high plains desert', and my dog is not fond of car travel. But my Mastiff Chico likes to walk in the cool mornings, watch others swim in the pool from his spot in the shade of the patio, and then go inside for an ice cube and a nice nap on cool tile. — Pat Chapin


Are you planning your Las Vegas vacation for next March? Your furry pal enjoys nice weather too! There are various dog-friendly hotels on the strip. Don't miss out on Pet-a-Palooza every March, and enjoy the nice weather with your pup at one of the five dog parks in an 8 mile range from the south part of the strip. — Julie Plasencia


Historic Taft beach on the Oregon Coast has the best dog friendly hotel. We stayed at the Looking Glass Inn and were treated like royalty. The rooms are spacious and we got a special basket with towels, bowls, sheets( dogs can sleep on the beds) and treats. What is super great is the beach access is right out the door! There is lots of sand and driftwood to explore, not to mention sea lions swimming right off shore. Gryfyn ( my 8lb Brussel's Griffon) and I especially like seeing all the other dogs and their humans. We met a great Dane named Duke and many others. Taft is located on the South end of Lincoln City. Many great shops in walking distance. Truly doggie beach heaven. — Shelly Senter


Taking in all the Summer Dock Dog events. Great friends, wonderful dogs, and the event cant be beat for enjoying a nice summer weekend....like the one at the Bite of Seattle. — Tom Guffey


Bring your dog to Whidbey Island's Greenbank Farm. Located in the heart of Whidbey Island near Seattle, the Farm has a generous off-leash area for your dog to enjoy, with both open fields and forest providing several miles of trails. Just be sure to pick up after your puppy as the Farm is also home to organic farming programs. Enjoy wonderful loganberry pies at the Whidbey Pie Cafe or taste locally crafted afterwards. —Sharon Dunn