Dog Mom Gift Guide

A Dog Lovers’ Gift Guide
By The Bark Editors, April 2021, Updated November 2021
Dog Mom Gift Guide
This curated selection of great gifts for dogs and their moms will help take the frazzle out of finding the perfect gift to bring comfort and joy to the lucky recipients. We’ve assembled a line-up of practical and interesting options, from something to delight every dog to something for the moms who have everything. 

Dog Lovers’ Gift Guide for the Home

Blue Kilim Snuggle Sack

Starts at $89 (Sizes: XS to XXL)

Many dogs love to cuddle into a bed, burrowing deep for calming snoozes. If your dog is one of them, this gorgeous Turkish kilim bed from Floofcouture in the Netherlands is sure to a winner. The lining comes in a deco velvet or faux fur. It is handsewn with very strong thread, plus it is extremely soft; your dog will snuggle in and fall asleep straight away. 

best gift for dogs - snuffle mat

Wooly Snuffle Mat

$39.50 (12" x 18")

Dogs love scent games, and snuffle mats provide them with opportunities to use their most highly developed sense to sniff out treats and other bits of food. They are engaging and enriching—from young pups learning the “find it” skill to senior dogs who delight in sniffing around for their treats. 

best gift for dogs - dog treats

Bocce’s Bakery Training Bites

$6.50 (6 oz.)

Reward all the dogs in your life with these low-cal, wheat-free training bites. At only 4 kcal per treat, Bocce’s Bakery’s five tasty flavors are the perfect incentive for training sessions or recall training out in the field—with treats like this, your dog will come running back! Ingredients include, duck, blueberries; peanut butter, bacon; beef, cheddar; chicken, pumpkin; carob. 

best gift for dogs - dog collars

Vegetable-tanned Leather Collars

$49.49 (on sale) Sizes XS to XL

These gorgeous leather collars, handcrafted in a small workshop in Berlin, Germany, come in lovely muted colors and carry a lifetime warranty. The collars are ¾ in. wide and ⅛ in. thick, made of full-grain, vegetable-tanned Italian leather with Italian metal hardware and solid brass. Soft but durable. 

best gift for dogs - dog crate

Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Starts at $245 (small and medium sizes)

This attractive, well-designed dog crate is not only collapsible, it’s easy to set up, making transporting and storing it a breeze. Revol’s diamond-shaped mesh design was developed based on guidance from pet safety experts to prevent paws and jaws from getting caught in the openings. Engineered using reinforced plastic, aluminum and steel, it’s both strong and lightweight. 

best gift for dogs - molly mutt dog blanket

Dog Blanket from Molly Mutt

Starts at $59 (sizes: small, large)

Either as an addition to a dog bed for your dog to curl up with or as a furniture protector, these 100% cotton canvas blankets will delight. One side is fleece and the other is canvas, in seven different patterns and two sizes. Great for travel (keep your car seats clean!) or on-the-go comfort anywhere. 

best gift for dogs - fetching fields dog treat

Fetching Fields Dog Treat Bars

$53.50 (3-Pack Bundle)

These human-grade, organic, plant-based treat bars are nutrient-dense and perfect for both high-value training treats and long hikes with your dog. Each bar is individually wrapped, and can easily be broken into smaller sizes, making them ideal for training. This three-pack 3 varieties. 68 kcal per bar, a little goes a long way to satisfy your dog.

best gift for dogs - bumi dog toy

Bumi Tug Toy

Starts at $13.95 (sizes: small and large)

The Bumi by West Paw Design is a 100% recyclable dog toy designed for lively games of tug and land- or water-based fetch. Stretching to twice its length during tug-o-war, this S-shaped dog toy is a favorite with pets and their people, an all-in-one versatile toy designed for active play. It floats and the bright colors make it easy to see wherever it lands. 

best gift for dogs - dog purse

Wag Hip Pack


Dog walking and visits to the dog park just took a fashion-forward step with WaterField Designs’ elegant full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather Wag Hip Pack. The inventive and elegant pack features a lined treat compartment, a discreet poop-bag dispenser and straps that snap to hold a leash and a fetch toy. Plus, its strong magnetic clip-on fastener quickly attaches to clothing without belt loops or a belt. 

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best gift for dogs - poop bag holder

dooloop Poop Bag Holder

$9.99 (5 colors)

At long last, a perfect accessory to take on our dog walks. Who hasn’t been left holding a bag of poo with no trash can in sight? As courteous dog-walkers, we certainly don’t leave the bag on a pathway (a big no-no). Now, there’s dooloop, an inventive alternative. This poop-bag holder attaches easily to any leash, and can hold multiple bags. 

best gift for dogs - dog leash

re:loom UPS Dog Leashes


re:loom, an inspiring and empowering nonprofit, employs needy individuals to make beautiful, handwoven products from excess textiles, including these lovely leashes. The familiar brown UPS uniforms are going through a redesign, and the delivery company has teamed up with them to upcycle the fabric into new dog leashes. The 60"-long leashes are finished with a sewn edge and have soft, fleece-lined wrist-loop handles. 

best gift for dogs - west paw freeze-dried raw dog treats

Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats

Starts at $21.90 (for a 2-pack)

These freeze-dried raw dog treats are new from West Paw Design. Their duck recipe contains only six ingredients including duck organ meat; and the beef has only beef liver. They are made using high-pressure pasteurization, then freeze-dried and preserved without additives to maintain both nutrition and rich flavor and taste. Serving size: 6 to 8 pieces, 15 kcal per serving.

best gift for dogs - molly mutt dog bed

Sheepy Wool-Filled Dog Bed by Molly Mutt

Starts at $129

From the fine folks at Molly Mutt, the company who brought us the first “stuff-it-yourself” dog bed duvets, comes an ingenious, sustainable and snoozeable bed. The idea was inspired by one of their customers, a sheep farmer who sold her leftover wool packed inside one of their duvets. Now they are teaming up with other farmers to make their own comfy bed. It's antimicrobial, chemical-free, 100% all natural, cool in summer and warm in winter, and will last a lifetime. Available in an assortment of sizes and duvet designs.

best gift for dogs - silicone dog feeder

Messy Mutts Silicone Feeder

$24.99 to $49.99

This nifty and neat pet-food feeder from Messy Mutts comes with two stainless steel bowls held in place by a slip-resistant silicone base—no more bowls pushed across the floor by an eager eater. The bowl holder is made from food-grade silicone and is BPA- and PVC-free. 

best gift for dogs owners - dog stamps

Customized Dog Rubber Stamp


Put your favorite dog on a rubber stamp! These one-of-a-kind, customized rubber stamps are the perfect gift. Use them to make decorative wrapping paper, notecards and gift cards, for scrapbooking, and more. The stamp works on paper, thinner fabrics or porous surfaces. In order to be sure she can translate your dog’s portrait, the maker needs to see the photograph to be reproduced before you make your purchase. 


best gift for dogs - buffalo dog toy

Big Sky Bison Fleece Toy

$16.95 (9 ½")

This Big Sky fleece dog toy by West Paw Design will get dog tails wagging. The toy is made using excess fabric from the company’s blanket products, keeping waste out of the landfill while bringing the great outdoors inside your house. Faux suede on one side and fleece on the other, these toys are filled with recycled  stuffing, making this perfect for dogs who enjoy a plush toy and a snuggle buddy. Machine washable. 

best gift for dogs - stick dog toy

Gnawt-a-Stick Durable Dog Toy


Dogs love a good stick, but for a safer alternative, they will also love Ruffwear’s Gnawt-a-Stick toy. Perfect for fetching on land or in the water. On land, it has a great bounce, which will keep a dog on her toes engaging with it. In the water, it floats at an angle, making it easy for a dog to spot. This durable, chew-resistant toy will stand up to most dogs. Made from natural latex rubber.11.8" long.

best gift for dog owners - dog toy basket

Cotton Rope Dog-Toy Basket


A perfect container for your dog’s favorite toys. Pure 100% cotton rope makes this basket by Geyecete durable yet soft. No harmful chemicals are used, it maintains its shape, has handles for easy moving, and is pet-safe and washable.15" x 10" x 9"

best gift for dog owners - dog planter

Handmade “Huxley” Dog Planter


This charming planter would make a cheerful and thoughtful gift this mother's day. Just fill it with small succulents or other small plants and it will delight any of the dog-loving friends on your list. The planter doesn’t have drainage holes, which makes it easy to keep indoors or display outdoors in a sheltered area. Size: 7" tall

best gift for dogs - rope tug toy

Rope Tug Toy Made from Repurposed Firehose


Now here’s an unusual twist on a tug toy! The nifty and durable Tug and Go is handcrafted from repurposed, sanitized firehose. Designed for spirited interactive play, it’s made from 100% cotton fiber rope, recycled; food-grade burlap; and UV-protected outdoor thread. Designed from the ground up with durability in mind.


best gift for dogs - organic dog treats

Buck Bone Organic Dog Biscuits

$17.99 (16 oz.)

These crunchy dog biscuits are made in Bozeman, Mont., with real antler flour that Buck Bone mills itself using naturally shed elk or deer antlers sourced from the Rocky Mountain region. Other ingredients include organic oat flour, barley flour, beef, flaxseed, etc. Medium: 14 kcal each; Mini: 1.8 kcal each.

best gift for dogs - silicone dog tag

Silicone Dog Tag


Every dog should wear ID, and now you can have your dog’s information securely etched into this silent and safe silicone tag. Lightweight and durable, the tag shows off your dog's personality. Personalization is free. Many cool designs, including their latest "breed"-types to pick from. Made in the USA. Diameter: 1¼"

best gift for dogs - travel dog bowl

Travel Bowls


For the dog on the go, two lightweight food and/or water travel bowls by LumoLeaf. Made of leak-proof material and food-safe cloth, they’re easy to use and clean: unzip and shape the bowl, wipe clean after use; dries quickly. An aluminum carabiner is included so you can hook the bowls to a dog leash or backpack. Portable and handy for traveling/camping/hiking. Two-bowl set.

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