Dog Stabbed by Owner Makes Miraculous Recovery

By Bretta Nelson, August 2019, Updated June 2021
Dog Stabbed by Owner Recovery Photo Via AHS

A miraculous recovery thanks to the help of the Arizona Humane Society has led Copper, a three-year-old Redbone Hound, back from the brink of death after being stabbed by his owner. Nearly one month later Copper has regained the use of his right side and has been adopted into a deeply loving forever home.

In July, an AHS Emergency Animal Medical Technician™ (EAMT) responded to the scene of Copper completely soaked in blood after suffering multiple stab wounds. Copper was quickly transported to an overnight clinic to be stabilized before being transported to the Arizona Humane Society’s trauma hospital. Once in the care of AHS’ animal trauma hospital, chest and abdominal x-rays revealed the hound had three lacerations 1.5 centimeters deep to his neck.

His owner at the time claimed to have “stabbed and killed him” him because he was terrorizing the neighborhood. Little did he know that Copper, was fighting for his life in AHS’ trauma hospital, an emergency room that treats approximately 11,000 homeless pets each year.


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Copper’s recovery was touch and go for several weeks, the low point being the paralysis of his right side. While recovering, Copper received extra care and therapy for his temporarily exhibited nerve damage on his right portion of his body. Luckily, Copper has made a full recovery from his wounds, as his injuries were able to be managed in AHS’ trauma hospital with pain medications and antibiotics. AHS never gave up on him, and through rehab, love and a dose of will power, Copper recovered and was quickly adopted.

This case exemplifies why the passing of House Bill 2671 was so critical and can’t be enacted soon enough. The bill will go into effect on August 25, 2019 and will increase class 6 felonies to a class 5 which can’t be plead down to misdemeanors and could result in mandatory jail time and supervised probation.

Updated 8/28 to add information about arrest:

Copper's previous owner faces a felony charge for animal cruelty and a second misdemeanor charge of failure to provide medical treatment.

Photo via AHS