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Dogs is a Bingeworthy Watch on Netflix

By Claudia Kawczynska, July 2019, Updated September 2022
Ice standing guard, from “Ice on the Water,” Episode 103 -- Courtesy of Netflix

Ice standing guard, from “Ice on the Water,” Episode 103 -- Courtesy of Netflix

Dogs, a delightful and revelatory docuseries from Netflix, launched in November, and no matter how you choose to watch its six episodes, it is not be missed. Created by Glen Zipper and Amy Berg, it makes a compelling and vastly entertaining case for the importance of the human-canine bond. Though each episode has a different focus, all probe that connection.

They also shine a light on important social issues, such as the Syrian conflict and migrant assimilation; fish being depleted from a lake in Italy and the impact it has on a community; the challenges of running a sanctuary for 1,300 street dogs in Costa Rica; and, in the U.S., operating a south-to-north rescue program.

There are many standouts, both canine and human, but Ice, episode three’s dignified 10-yearold Lab, deserves special mention. Whether he is keeping Alessandro company on his fishing boat or sitting at the head of the family table at mealtime, this noble dog shares a love with his humans that’s almost palatable. He truly is the heartbeat of his family.

Dogs admirably fulfills its creators’ intent to “put something positive into the world at a tumultuous time.” This smart and well-crafted series pulls at your heart strings, but is also inspiring and life-affirming. Tune in—you won’t regret it!

While all the organizations profiled in the series deserve your attention, here are three we recommend:, and

Claudia Kawczynska is The Bark's co-founder and Editor-in-Chief.