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Dog's Life

cat detection dog
Detection dog helps reunite wildfire evacuees with their cats.
spring activities for dogs
Tips for preparing your pup for summer activities.
Pet food delivered to organizations in need
national train your dog month
The APDT is celebrating with free events for January
Woman scratching dog
Save time on boring tasks and spend it enjoying your dog
dog people vs cat people
Survey reveals similarities and differences
Dogs in Autumn
As late summer’s dog days drift into fall, prepare your pup for the season.
At Johns Hopkins, therapy dogs used with critically ill patients help in patient recovery.
Boykin Spaniel with three-toed box turtle
Boykin Spaniels lend a nose to box turtle conservation.
The doomed ship's survivors included three canines
dog poop bags on trail
A pandemic means more dogs on trails and more waste left behind.
indoor agility course for dogs
During dark winter and rainy days, pep up your pup with these tips for dog agility at home.
sailing with dogs
A liveaboard life, complete with dogs
Delray with Emergency Medical Services team
A new breed of facility dog supports first responders
The author with one of the dogs she met on the shelter tour.
Business plans could help more animal shelters save more dogs
man kissing dog
Health and behavioral considerations of kissing our dogs