Dog's Life

Annegret Grimm-Seyfarth with specially trained detection dog "Zammy", a Border Collie. Photo: André Künzelmann / UFZ Researcher and her dog
Detection dogs help generate important data for research and conservation
how to start a dog walking business
Must love dogs, and a sense of humor really helps.
prostate cancer sniffing dog
Training dogs to detect prostate cancer gets one paw closer to a ‘robotic nose’ to diagnose the disease, including most lethal form.
Even in hard times, pets and people provide for one another
Skip the game, take your dog for a walk!
dog park behavior facts
Many owners share information at the dog park, but is that information accurate?
shelter dogs and trazodone
A trazodone a day keeps the scaries away… maybe
national train your dog month
The APDT is celebrating with free events for January
indoor agility course for dogs
During dark winter and rainy days, pep up your pup with these tips for dog agility at home.
Make your dog happy
Use habit stacking to turn your good intentions into everyday good habits.
baking soda for dogs
Baking soda is a fantastic dog-grooming helper.
quarantine with multiple dog
Help your dog stay happy until more normal circumstances return.