Dog's Life

Photo by Rhaúl V. Alva on Unsplash
Good advice for any time of the year
holiday dog safety tips
Important holiday safety tips for your best friend.
Thanks to YouTube and many enthusiastic practitioners, there’s no shortage of options.
dog collar diy
With reuse all the rage, old becomes new again with this DIY dog collar!
Prison dog-training program
In helping a troubled dog become adoptable, an inmate trainer discovers more about himself.
Homemade salt dough ornaments can cause neurological damage in dogs.
For fab holiday pictures, focus on your dog’s natural behaviors.
Dr. Jill Biden and the Bidens' Dogs, Champ and Major
Biden Dog: From Animal Shelter to First Family
cat detection dog
Detection dog helps reunite wildfire evacuees with their cats.
Photography By Alia Malley
How to sculpt a special dog-themed Halloween pumpkin
A dog navigates in nature using an internal magnetic compass.
And dogs sense the Earth’s magnetic field to navigate
A Karelian Bear dog stretching before starting work duties
Japan’s Karelian Bear Dogs help save lives, reduce injuries and educate both people and bears