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Dog's Life

Natalie paddles in the morning mist; Tischer curls up between Lucas’ legs;
From Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico—river life with a dog.
Guide Dogs for the Blind changes training methods, and the results are amazing.
Dogs' leashes get stuck in the closing doors
Woman and Dog in Himalayas
Dogtrekking through the Indian Garhwal
Making this challenge more manageable
When the snow flies, it’s time to dust off your skis or snowshoes, pack your dog’s cold-weather gear and make tracks for wintertime fun.
Helping vulnerable people feed their dogs
Lawsuit questions the abilities of drug and bomb pups
CPS finds only one car restraint system that passes their tests
Inmates staff the country’s only prison shelter
A Louisiana prison’s shelter/adoption program.
Tamarac Lake in the Chippewa National Forest
Revisiting Minnesota’s Highway 61.
Effective Jan. 1, pet stores will be on the hook for sick animals
Many dogs love the morning
in the news
San Diego International debuts a new canine bathroom
Unfavorable behavior compared to other puppies