Dog's Life

Shelter pup is presented with a world record title and a party in her honor.
Best Friends’ Puppies Aren’t Products campaign comes to New York City.
Dog saves people’s lives—would yours do the same?
New reality show features a family on a search for the perfect dog.
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War hero’s medal fetches big money.
Bridging the chasm between academics and real world problems.
AKC teams up with The Cat Fanciers' Association for kids art contest.
Honda unveils a dog-friendly version of the popular Element.
Illnesses may be linked to food. UPDATED.
Pet Airways opens reservations for inaugural flights.
Harvard recruits dogs for its Canine Cognition Lab.
Adorable puppy, less-than-ideal name
Pet lover introduces antifreeze law to protect animals in Virginia.
Web site raises money for a shelter dog’s vet bills.
A canine castaway survives on an island for four months.
Winners announced for the 2009 Canis Film Festival.
New study shows that pets can pose a risk of injury from accidental falls.