Dogs on Prozac

The craze to medicate is becoming all too common
By Susan Ropelewski, October 2015

I foster for Col. Potter Cairn Rescue; Tadd, my most recent charge, came to me on high dosages of Prozac and Xanax. In his previous home, he had been confined to a crate 12 hours a day because his owners had no time for him. He had chewed the hair off his feet, and his teeth were worn down from biting the crate; his mouth was tied shut so he would not chew his crate during transport. He was a pitiful sight.

Sadly, I found that this craze to medicate is becoming all too common. Some people do not have the time, or do not want to take the time, to properly exercise and interact with their dogs. They would rather give them a pill. Shame on them!

With our vet’s help, we gradually withdrew Tadd’s drugs; his “detox” took two-and-a-half weeks. I am happy to say that he recovered and became the one of the sweetest, most fun-loving little Cairns I have ever fostered. He’s now living the life he deserves in the Adirondacks. Dogs need exercise. Prozac and Xanax should be the last resort.


Photo by tanakawho