A Dog’s WFH Story

In Their Voices
By Kevin Chaney, July 2020, Updated August 2021
mixed breed dog

Hi! My name is Choctaw Willow, and I would like to tell you about some of my experiences this Spring.  Ever since we heard our cousin Pluto talking about the 2-legged’s toilet paper emergency, life has been interesting to say the least. (You can find her on the YouTube.  She always has fun stories to tell about her 2-leggeds.)

First off, my Dog-Mom and Dog-Dad (my 2-leggeds) were fortunate to both work for companies that were considered ‘essential’ when this virus thing hit, so they were able to keep working. They tried to explain it to me, but I just don’t really understand. Dad was able to convince his work that he should work from home most of the time. That meant that he was bugging me and my brother Kiowa constantly throughout the day. It’s not like we were bugging him, or anything.

At first, it was kind of neat, having him here during the day with us. He was able to let us out, and in, and out, and in, all day long. I think we irritated him a little. Kiowa knows how to ring a little bell by the back door when he wants out. So, about every hour, he was ringing that bell! That kind of bugged Dad. 

It bugged me too because Dad would come traipsing down the stairs to let him out, right by where I was napping. I know how to ring the bell too, but I usually just stand there and stare at Mom and/or Dad until they finally figure out that I want outside. Then, they make me ring the bell too. Ha! We’ve got them trained pretty well.


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The first few days, we just kind of sat and watched Dad, wondering why he was at home so much. Then, it got to be a little irritating to us. We could not just nap all day. Dad was constantly asking what we were doing and why didn’t we come up and hang out with him ...?

It seemed like this routine went on for a long time. Dad was almost always there, and we got used to that.  Pretty cool, even if he was ‘working’ all the time. Of course, Mom was there part of the time during the days. She did not play the game as well as Dad. She’d say to Kiowa, “You just came in! Go take a nap”.  Dad would not say that; he’d just let us out….

It got to be a routine. Dad would say that he was ‘going to work’; and early on I would immediately head for the garage door, but soon I figured it out, and Kiowa would immediately walk up the stairs.  When Dad would go up, Kiowa would already be in the upstairs bed, just like he knew that Dad was going to be there a while. I stayed downstairs most of the time because I knew they had to come down sooner or later.

Then a couple of weeks ago, Dad said he was going back to work, and for 2 or 3 days straight, he headed for the garage. He told us that he had been recalled to the office. That was weird because we got used to ‘work’ being upstairs. Then he would not come back for hours at a time, like in the old days.

It got to be really lonely. Somehow, you kind of get used to the 2-leggeds being around all the time. It was really nice. Now, not so much. Mom and Dad are both gone a lot again, and we just kind of lay around and sleep all day. That’s okay I guess, but then when Mom and Dad come home, we want to go outside and play. But they just eat dinner, do projects, and watch TV.

We wish they would spend more time with us. We really liked them being home more.

Now we are kind of depressed and wish they could work from home again.

Photo: Kevin Chaney