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Dogs at Work

When dogs are on the job, at-risk children, endangered species, even lost cats benefit.

A dog navigates in nature using an internal magnetic compass.
And dogs sense the Earth’s magnetic field to navigate
cat detection dog
Detection dog helps reunite wildfire evacuees with their cats.
At Johns Hopkins, therapy dogs used with critically ill patients help in patient recovery.
Boykin Spaniel with three-toed box turtle
Boykin Spaniels lend a nose to box turtle conservation.
A study of search and rescue dogs showed little difference in longevity or cause of death between dogs at the disaster site and dogs in a control group.
Delray with Emergency Medical Services team
A new breed of facility dog supports first responders
not Zoë the National Football League’s first emotional support dog
Players and staff love Zoë, their French Bulldog
Canines are the best biotechnology to hit archaeology in eons
Attending the show is a part of their training
Forensic Detection Dogs
Dogs from Institute for Canine Forensics work to recover cremains.
parkland therapy dogs in year book
They take their rightful place in the school’s memories