Dogs at Work

When dogs are on the job, at-risk children, endangered species, even lost cats benefit.

At Johns Hopkins, therapy dogs used with critically ill patients help in patient recovery.
Maramma Sheepdogs keep watch over small penguins
Maremma dogs in Australia keep foxes and other predators away from Penguin.
Boykin Spaniel with three-toed box turtle
Boykin Spaniels lend a nose to box turtle conservation.
dogs detect coronavirus
In a proof-of-concept study led by the School of Veterinary Medicine, dogs identified positive samples with 96% accuracy.
Dog in Nepal
Dog lovers around the world on their love for dogs.
Animal-Assisted Therapy
A placid Great Pyrenees proves that sometimes, just being there is enough.
cat detection dog
Detection dog helps reunite wildfire evacuees with their cats.
A dog navigates in nature using an internal magnetic compass.
And dogs sense the Earth’s magnetic field to navigate
A nursing home resident interacts with her robotic dog companion
In times of isolation, the next generation of robo-pets may provide comfort
A study of search and rescue dogs showed little difference in longevity or cause of death between dogs at the disaster site and dogs in a control group.
Annie with her service dog, Pilot.
Navigating through life with a dog named Pilot
Delray with Emergency Medical Services team
A new breed of facility dog supports first responders