Dogs at Work

When dogs are on the job, at-risk children, endangered species, even lost cats benefit.

Prison dog-training programs have a powerful impact on inmates, dogs and people with disabilities.
Pet pen pals lend a loving paw
Volunteers teach young dogs new tricks
From puppy to partner, guide dogs are a special breed
Guide Dogs for the Blind changes training methods, and the results are amazing.
Is it possible for a dog to help in a recovery?
Daphne teams with Charlotte
A program for children with special needs.
Sparky and Lexington - Store Dogs
Nashville’s finest bookstore has new workers.
A Texas Terrier helps a species threatened with extinction
An SAR call to action
Dutchess Rules
One courageous therapy dog inspires many.
Happy workers, smiling dogs
With a leash and a prayer, Kat Albrecht pursues an admirable goal: improve the odds when a best friend goes missing.
Helping law dogs
Office dogs never complain about the size of their cubicles or staying late
A comforting canine presence provides victims with a safe harbor