Editor’s Note

By Claudia Kawczynska, June 2012

Now that our most recent issue (featuring the dogs of The Daily Show as our cover dogs) has hit the newsstands I start to wonder what readers might think—along with letting out a huge sigh of relief that we have done another Bark. With this issue especially, I covered a lot more writing ground than I normally do, going to NYC to get The Daily Show “exclusive” scoop for starters. Then after reading a plucky editorial in the New York Times, I decided to interview its writer, Lily Raff McCaulou, about her first book—she not only writes well, but is a new mom and, surprisingly, fishes and hunts up in Oregon, (and turns out she is a Bark subscriber). I also wrote a “thought” piece about the joys of silence, a book review (of a kid’s book, One Dog and His Boy, that I really enjoyed), and my editor’s letter. So far I heard from a few of you who liked some articles, including the one that Julie Hecht wrote about one of our dogs’ most confusing (and embarrassing) behaviors, plus Karen London on just what the differences (if there are any) between big and small dogs, and a lovely essay by Laurel Saville about learning to accept a dog for who she is.

But at least one reader didn’t like that we talked with Lily, the hunter, noting that is “what we have supermarkets for,” and another who reads The Bark to her children, so didn’t appreciate the “profanity” found in John Oliver’s interview and other “diversions” coming from us including any “gay” mentions. I understand these concerns and do appreciate hearing from all our readers with all their divergent and wide-ranging viewpoints—good to know that we are read by so many different people too. While it is encouraging to know that mothers read a magazine to children, and that the smiling dogs and other photos are appreciated by youngsters, we never intended that our written content would be suitable reading for all age groups  (although we have been known to bleep out a few words that might offend some adults). As for John Oliver, he is one very funny man. I had wanted to post audio segments of his interview, but I was laughing so loud that my raucous laughter almost drowned out his voice, his delivery, much less his non-Posh Brit accent, is funny in itself. So I hope that we are excused for letting Oliver say his piece about his new found dog appreciation his way with all its comedic phrasing.

For those of you who have read this issue, I truly welcome hearing your thoughts. Post your comments here, letting us know what you think. It is certainly nice to be kept on our toes. Now it’s off to start on the next issue.

Claudia Kawczynska is The Bark's co-founder and Editor-in-Chief.

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