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Embroidered Border Terrier Tweed Purse

By Daniela Lopez, June 2019, Updated June 2021
©Ren Ellery / RenandThread

These lovely handmade coin purses are a must have. The unique embroidered dog print makes a perfect gift for Border Terriers owners or even dog lovers in general. Each lovely harris tweed clutch is handmade and cut so no two purses are the same. At Ren Ellery's highly rated Ren and Thread shop you can find just about any breed theme from Springer Spaniels to Beagles on purses, stickers, ornaments, cards and more!

Note: These are 16cm x 10cm and ship from the United Kingdom so keep shipping times in mind.

Daniela Lopez is a digital media specialist and long-time contributor to The Bark.