Family Dog: Derby

By Heather Huntington, June 2009, Updated February 2015

Bruce Gordon with Derby, circa 1950, in front of the family home in Boston. Heather Gordon Huntington, who sent us this photo and the story behind it, says that she’d heard stories about Derby all her life—the Boxer had almost mythical status in her family.He followed her father to school, then broke into the cloakroom and ate everyone’s lunches before escaping; he was the happy recipient of her grandmother’s unpalatable cooking, which was discreetly slipped to him under the table by her father and aunt; he jumped out of a moving car (and survived). This photo surfaced a couple of years ago, offering Heather and other family members a chance to see the famous Derby in the flesh.

Heather Huntington is an LA movie reviewer and an aspiring screenwriter.