Frankly: America’s Alternative to Rawhide

By Frankly, November 2019

Frankly, we are America’s alternative to traditional rawhide. All of our Beef Chews are 100% collagen and 100% safe. Our products are long lasting and offer great support for your dogs’ joints and bones. Whether you have a brand-new puppy or a best friend who has seen it all, we make sure their joints are supported through every stage of life. Our Beef Chews are made and sourced completely in the U.S.A, and Human Grade Safety Certified. We make sure everything your dog chews is held to the same standards your food is held too. We think you’ll see why our product is the best you can give your pet.

Frankly was started in order to be frank about what is in our product and how it’s made; To offer transparency to consumers who want the very best for their companions, and here at Frankly we are proud to say that our process is environmentally friendly, and all products are always fully traceable back to the source. There are NO chemicals, NO sugar, and NO wheat in any of our Frankly Beef Chews. Every product is 100% tracible back to the source.

We care about your dogs. We want to make sure they get the very best so you can make the most of your years together. Welcome to The Frankly Family!