Free Microchipping, Swank, and Serious Play

By Jennifer Raymond, September 2015
dogs playing in the yard

I look forward to receiving each issue of The Bark, and especially enjoyed Winter 2014, with Hilary Swank and her rescue mission. I admire stars who use their influence to improve the lives of non-human animals, and I appreciate The Bark for its many excellent articles about canine rescue work.

I also wanted to especially thank you for the article “Serious Play” by Donna Jackel. The work that Aimee Sadler is doing with her organization, Dogs Playing for Life, is revolutionary, and could save so many innocent lives. I knew nothing of this work prior to reading the article and would like to see a reprint distributed to every shelter and rescue that works with dogs. This is one that needs to be spread around.

I also wanted to raise the issue of microchipping. As director of a nonprofit spay/neuter clinic that has recently added microchipping to its services, I was astounded to learn how many pitfalls stand in the way of the system working to get an animal home: from owners not registering the chips or failing to pay registration fees to vets and shelters not having universal scanners or failing to detect an implanted chip.

Most people do not realize that there are organizations that will register their pet’s chip for free. Our clinic ended up going with a nonprofit, Found Animals Registry, which will register any microchip for free. I really want to get the word out to people to get their pets’ microchips registered so that this potentially valuable tool actually does what it is supposed to do.


Photograph: Eric Sonstroem

Jennifer Raymond is the Director of Humboldt Spay/Neuter Network.