Gabrielle and Josephine

A tribute to our beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel sisters
By Vera Walter, March 2012, Updated February 2015

Josephine (April 16, 2001

One was Sugar, one was Spice;

Both were so very, sweet, precious and nice.

That they were “Royal” there is no doubt;

They were charming and gracious, and they’d never pout;

Just far too cute and way too smart;

It is no wonder they take over your heart.

They’d run and play, smiling and happy all day;

They brought kisses and joy wherever they’d stay.

God made them to be “Comfort” dogs but they were so much more;

With hearts and eyes so full of love, they’d make your spirit soar!

At the end of each day, come what may, their tails were always wagging;

They’d make it their goal to enter your soul and keep your will from sagging.

With fur so soft, beauty so great and eyes like large pools of honey;

You’d get lost in their love and thank God above for making your life so sunny.

We question not the love they brought will be with us until the end;

You could search the world over and over again and find no more loyal companion, shadow and friend.

Our Gabrielle and our Josephine were entrusted into our care

That their lives were so short, but sweet none-the-less, just doesn’t seem very fair.

They will be missed beyond words…our precious little Cavalier “forever-baby” angels!

Vera Walter has had many dogs since childhood, but there's something so very special for her about Cavaliers, "they seem to know what is in your heart and give so much in return,"she says. She plans on getting two more Cavalier sisters in the future, after she's had time to accept the loss of her little "girls."