Generosity in a Time of Need

A N.J. couple leaves a $1,000 tip towards a large vet bill.
By JoAnna Lou, April 2014
Pets are amazing conversation starters and give people a common passion that creates an instant connection. Last weekend, Christina Summitt's paw print tattoo led to an act of generosity that she could have never imagined.  

Christina's wrist tattoo often leads to conversations with strangers about her love of animals. Despite working three jobs and managing a family of three kids and one dog, Christina always makes time to volunteer with a pit bull rescue and aid in other animal adoptions.

While bar tending at the Holiday Inn in Clinton, New Jersey last weekend, a couple asked about her tattoo and her pets. Christina mentioned that Tucker, her Great Dane-Black Labrador mix was at the veterinarian after having emergency surgery and it was almost all she could think about.

The man mentioned something about surgery being expensive and they started talking about the expensive vet bill and her commitment to Tucker, whom she adopted in 2011.

After the couple finished their meal, they closed out their $80 tab and left a $1,000 tip. When Christina saw the credit slip, she started sharking and crying in disbelief. After verifying that she was seeing the number correctly, Christina approached the man to say she couldn't accept such a large tip. But he insisted she put it towards Tucker's veterinary bill.

She hugged the couple and they said, "we'll be praying for Tucker" before leaving the bar.

Christina's manager followed up with the customers to verify that the gesture was legitimate and found out that they do this quite frequently.

As word about the good deed made the internet rounds, Christina says that she's received messages of support from all over the world and has been inspired by how this random act gave so many people hope. She'd love nothing more than to publicly thank this couple, but they wish to remain anonymous.

The even better news is that Tucker is now back at home recovering from his surgery.

JoAnna Lou is a New York City-based researcher, writer and agility enthusiast.