Give a Book: Stocking-Stuffer Gems to Delight Dog Lovers Young and Old

Reviewed by Claudia Kawczynska, December 2019, Updated June 2021
dog theme books for stocking stuffers

On Dogs: An Anthology Introduction by Tracey Ullman
This heartwarming compendium includes short essays, stories, reflections and poetry from note- worthy writers ranging from Virginia Woolf and David Sedaris to Shakespeare and Brigitte Bardot. A linen-bound hardcover sized to fit perfectly in the hand, it’s ideal for gift-giving. $18.95 

Writers and Their Pets By Kathleen Krull, Art by Violet Lemay
Perfect for readers of all ages, true-life stories of how 20 famous writers were inspired by their pets. For example, find out how Pablo Neruda’s life was saved by a dog and why Dorothy Parker was such a dog devotee (shown). The charming book includes 300 delightful illustrations by Violet Lemay. $14.95

What I Lick Before Your Face By Jamie Coleman
This slim volume of 64 heartwarming and hilarious haikus is a fun celebration of the canine spirit, told in their voice. De-lickful! $14.99

Eat. Play. Love.: Life Lessons From My Dog Illustrated by Emma Block
In this very engaging and humorous book by British artist Emma Block her adorable pooches “tell” us why living like them, just might make life better for us. From advice such as “love without expectation” to “a look can be more eloquent than words,” these 100 mots of wisdom and eloquent illustrations are sure to delight. $12.95


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A Dog a Day By Sally Muir
This pocketsize collection of exquisite dog portraits by artist Sally Muir stands out for its sheer passion for the subject matter. This curated “exhibition” features 365 charming portraits of Muir’s favorite four-legged com- panions drawn from the artist’s popular “Dog a Day” Facebook page. They vary from full likenesses to ephemeral sketches comprising a memorable portfolio. $19.99 

Dogs by Mark Alizart
This book is a thought-provoking read that ties philosophy, history, religion and popular culture around canine themes and our relationship with dogs. Few books in this genre reference such a diverse collection of ideas and thinkers, ranging from the Bible and Darwin to Bakunin, Sartre, Spinoza and Droopy. The author is one of Europe’s preeminent philosophers and examines a wide range of western and eastern thought—wherever canines intersect with big ideas. The Bark recently spoke with Mark Alizart about this seminal work and the author makes a compelling case on why dogs matter.

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Article first appeared in The Bark, Issue 99: Fall 2019

Claudia Kawczynska is The Bark's co-founder and Editor-in-Chief.