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Great gifts under $20


Earthdog Rescue Cards

Delightful, Delectable, Delovely! Gift ideas, $20 and under. From small specialty companies to those crafty folks at Etsy.com, we searched far and wide for whimsy, quality, creativity and affordability. Here are some of our favorites, just in time for holiday gift-giving.

Rescue Cards available at Earthdog for $15.00
Positive messages: Each card set features rescued dogs who are now in happy homes; printed on recycled paper. (4/set)

Hemp Rope Toy available at Earthdog for $16.00
Perfect for the heavy chewer, these rope toys are 100% Romanian hemp and are offered in two sizes. Dogs love 'em!

Blue Anjou Dog Collar available at The Mod Dog for $17.00
The Partridge Family & Blue Anjou dog collars; colorful and fun.

Mod Mutt Collars available at Hound Made for $5.00
Bold, artsy and modern, you can't go wrong with these.

Leash Organizer available at Hound Made for $15.00
Keep 'em handy: colorful rack holds up to 8 leashes/collars.

Dog is my Co-Pilot Bumpersticker available at The Bark for $3.00
Tell the world! Dog is my co-pilot® bumpersticker.

Rope Toys available at Jax and Bones for $14.00
Made from 100% natural dyed cotton thread, these toys aid dental health and provide hours of chewing and tugging fun.

Biodegradable bags available at Planet Dog for $5.95
Cleaner clean-up bags made from real corn; biodegrade completely in just 45 days.

Peppermint Shampoo available at Planet Dog for $12.95
Puppy-safe peppermint shampoo feels cool on the skin and smells great to the snout.

Soft Treats available at Mom and Pup Bakery for $9.99
Soft peanut butter cookies with crunchy bits of peanuts inside.

Dog Mug available at Fishs Eddy for $9.95
Fun 8.75 oz. mug with dog print.

Dog Bowl available at Fishs Eddy for $10.95
Eat up! 22oz. bowl with dog print.

Healthier Treats available at Good Dog Goods for $14.95
Certified organic and kosher, made using a three-decades-old recipe.

Spoon Rest available at Good Dog Goods for $17.50
Spoon rest also fits on top of your mug to keep hot beverages hot! Design by Karen Donleavy

Canine Tag available at Dogs Uncorked for $12.50
A canine sommelier charm tells the world your dog has an unparalleled nose!

Notecards available at BellaBlu Designs for $15.00
Personalized with your name; several breed styles available (10/set).

Clean Dog Gift Set available at Good Clean Dog for $16.00
Gift set includes a solid shampoo bar and an aromatic spritzer.

Antlerz available at Asanka Dogs for $11.99
Long-lasting, no splinters. Antlerz are cut from 100% naturally shed deer antler.

Organic Biscuits available at Best Friends NYC for $18.00
Well-balanced crunchy salmon biscuits give your dog a healthy heart and lustrous shine.




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