Greyhound Bella’s Firsts

Winter discoveries for a rescued racing Greyt
By Mark Menditto, January 2010
First Steps

First Steps: A foster home is where a rescued Greyhound learns about everyday life, including how to navigate stairs.

First Toy

First Toy: A girl and her stuffed candy cane

First Snow

First Snow: Bella spent her racing days in Florida, and the first time she saw snow, she didn

First Winter Romp

First Winter Romp: Encouraged by the foster family

It was the quality of Bella’s gaze that attracted photographer Mark Menditto. It haunted him from the first moment he saw her during the New Jersey Greyhound Adoption Program (NJGAP) intake late last year, and inspired him to follow her as she settled into her foster home and learned about things our own co-pilots take for granted—stairs, toys, snow. Bella’s story had a happy ending when a family discovered her photograph on Menditto’s website and adopted her.

NJGAP, which serves New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York, is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization. People donate their time to pick up dogs from rescue trailers, bathe and groom them, and provide foster care until they find permanent homes. Over the past 16 years, NJGAP has placed more than 2,000 rescued racing Greyhounds.



Mark Menditto is a New Jersey-based freelance photographer. See more of his work here


Photographs © Mark Menditto


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